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Marine civil engineering

We can undertake any marine civil engineering task as well as projects on marinas, inland waterways, lakes and reservoirs. RS Divers can work as main contractor or sub contractor, always with the highest standards of safety and professionalism.

Marine Civil Engineering

Our team of professional staff divers has experience in a huge variety of civil engineering projects at sea or on land. Examples of our work include:

Underwater and Surface Welding and Cutting

Our expert coded divers can tackle cutting and welding jobs of any size. We have specialist equipment such as BROCO and the PVL Gas Cutting Torch as well as standard welding gear, to make sure no job is out of reach. 

Lock Gate Maintainance

RS Divers have been providing lock gate support for marinas and waterways for more than ten years. All our staff divers understand the complexities and dangers of locks and weirs and can always find the best way to carry out the task in the safest way possible

Dredging Support

We are experienced both in using air lifts in small dredging operations and in providing dive support to larger operations, RS Divers can provide debris clearance, Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) support and propeller clearance for large dredgers.


Scour Protection

Our divers have extensive experience in protecting bridges and other structures from the scouring effects of the sea and rivers. We use rock armour and Proserve and Enviroform concrete mattresses.

Buoy and Mooring Maintenance

RS Divers inspect and maintain more than 500 moorings and buoys every year for clients along the south coast of England, making sure they are in good condition and safe to use.

Cathodic Protection

We can help boatowners and marine companies control corrosion through the efficient use of various kinds of cathodic protection. Our experienced staff divers can weld anodes underwater, saving time and money in dry dock. We are also accredited SeaShield 2000FD applicators.

Underwater Demolition

RS Divers can use Cardox CO2 and other specialist tools to carry out effective and efficient demolition jobs in complete safety. Our staff divers are trained in all the necessary technology to complete the task.

Case studies

RSDivers approach every project with professionalism and determination, but each job always presents its own unique set of challenges. Read a few of our case studies to find out how we solve complex problems safetly, efficiently and as cost effectively as possible.