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RS Divers Unveil New Three Diver Spread

Ruben Stephenson
Ruben Stephenson
commercial diving, marine civil engineering, dredging

RS Divers launch their new custom built three diver containerised spread in preparation of the next phase of the Capital Dredging contract.

RS Divers are delighted to confirm the arrival of our three diver container spread!

The unit consists of a three diver panel, diver to topside CCTV for both primary divers, individual diver monitors, three one hundred metre umbillicals.

Director, Ruben Stephenson explains: "This containerised unit allows two divers to work in the water at any one time, saving valuable time and expense to the client. This is a welcome addition to our growing armoury of dive spreads and plant that we have built up over the recent years.

Whatever our clients diving needs, we have the equipment and professionals available to meet the requirements. This spread will help us tackle jobs in a different way and ultimatley provide a better service to our clients."

A full overview of the contents can be found below:

  • 10x8ft container
  • 1 x Three Diver Panel and Communication System 
  • 2 x Diver Full CCTV
  • Supervisor/Client Monitor
  • 110 & 125m Umbilicals
  • LP Compressor Inlet with twin 100 litre recievers
  • HP Gas Backup
  • Tech Work Benches 
  • 1x Supervisor Work Bench
  • Full Tool And Spares Kit
  • Fixed VHF
  • O2 and 1st Aid Station 
  • Fire Prevention System  
  • Ply Lined With Non Slip Floor.
  • 240/12volt LED lighting 
  • 6 Double Plug Sockets

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