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Ruben Stephenson

Ruben Stephenson


Ruben develops the business, meeting new clients and spreading the word about RS Divers

Ruben Stephenson

Ruben started off as a dive guide in the Red Sea, then worked as a professional diver on windfarms and inshore civil engineering contracts. Spotting a gap in the market for a commercial dive company in Portsmouth, he founded RS Divers in 2006.

As Sales Director, he meets prospective customers to discuss how RS Divers can meet their requirements, manages the commercial relationships and occasionally even finds time to go diving himself. In his most interesting assignment for the company so far, he was asked to find a £75K Faberge egg that had fallen from a luxury motor yacht. Despite searching for many hours, the tiny jewel never turned up, probably because it was black with diamond studs and exactly the same colour as the muddy harbour bottom. In his spare time, Ruben stays by the water and enjoys fly fishing.

Our other staff
Rachel Holland

Rachel Holland


Rachel started working at RS Divers over 9 years ago.
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Debbie sat at her Desk

Debbie Hayman

Office Manager

Debbie keeps the business running smoothly and is our customers’ first contact for commercial diving and yacht services.
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Julian stood beside partially sunken boat

Julian Cheesman

Diving Manager & Head of Maintenance

Julian has many years experience in all aspects of diving and is responsible for maintaining RS Divers’ equipment.
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The rest of the team...

RS Divers can call on specialist divers and dive supervisors to tackle any job.
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Case studies

RSDivers approach every project with professionalism and determination, but each job always presents its own unique set of challenges. Read a few of our case studies to find out how we solve complex problems safetly, efficiently and as cost effectively as possible.