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Seismic Sensor Installation

Underwater seismic sensor installation.

The brief

RS Divers were contracted by a leading seismology company, Gurlap Systems, to aid in the installation of seismic sensors below seabed level, off the south of the Isle of Wight.

Seismic Sensor Installation

Seismic Sensor Installation

Work undertaken

Over a 6-week period and on a weekly rotation of sites, using air tools RS Divers dug, lifted and cut through sand, shingle and clay to create a series of metre deep holes in the seabed. The sensors were then put into the holes before back-filling. We then returned 2 weeks later to recover the sensors.

The result

The work conducted by RS Divers supported successful delivery of the process of gaining seismic recordings, which has led to this process being rolled-out across the North Sea.

"Thank you RS. This was difficult task that succeeded due to good planning and communication." Giorgio Mangano, Gurlap Systems

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