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Rudder Removal

We were called to assist a stricken vessel which was experiencing problems with its starboard Beckitt rudder.

The brief

RS Divers were called late in the afternoon on 13 Dec 2014 by Burgess Marine to carry out emergency repairs to a passenger vessel. Time was of the essence because the ship had a schedule to meet and passengers relying on a prompt repair.

Rudder Removal

Rudder Removal

Work undertaken

On our arrival, it was obvious that the rudder needed to be removed.
The affected vessel was ballasted by the crew so that the rudders were 1/3 out of the water. The initial brief was to cut the pin support off the bottom of the rudder using a hydraulic grinder. Having done this, it became apparent that the pin had jammed, which would necessitate the 12” supporting rod at the top of the rudder to be cut off as well. This task was undertaken by Burges Marine while RS Divers de-rigged the Beckett rudder for easier access.

The result

Once the rudder pin had been cut the diver went in and 'BROCO'ed off the remaining bottom bracket and the rudder was then free. Baker Trayte Marine lifted the Beckett rudder free.

"Many thanks for all for your efforts and support"
Chief Engineer

"Your quick response was invaluable - Many many thanks"
Nick Jalie, Burgess Marine

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