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PLAT-O Tidal Turbine Installation

We were approached with a request to assist with the installation of a new prototype turbine called the PLAT-O.

The brief

In August 2014 RS Divers were approached by Sustainable Marine Energies to assist with the installation of their prototype wave turbine PLAT-O.

The PLAT-O platform is a structure for supporting two turbines and houses the control and power conditioning systems on board. It enables the power output of the two turbines to be combined and exported through a single AC link. It has adjustable buoyancy and during operations is taut-moored, part way up the water column.

Turbine Installation

Turbine Installation

Work undertaken

Initially RS Divers had to assist with the installation of a customised drill rig which was used to fix four piles approximately 3 metres into the seabed. These would eventually become the anchor points for PLAT-O.

Once the anchor piles were successfully installed, RS Divers were called back to install the platform. PLAT-O was towed to the site and secured between two vessels. Divers were deployed to connect mooring lines from the platform to the anchoring piles. PLAT-O’s ballast tanks were then filled to sink her into place where the tests were conducted. 

The result

The tests were completed successfully and enough data was compiled to reach the next stage of funding.

"As always it been great working with your team and we look forward to seeing you on the next project." Andy Goddard, Andark

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