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MV KAHU Salvage

We provided salvage support over 6 days to enable a 23.5 metre vessel lift to avoid an oil and diesel leak.

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The brief

RS Divers, MMC Diving Services, Seaflex, Baker Trayte Marine and Cowes Harbour Commission salvage a 23.5 metre Power Boat that sunk after a fire started on board.

The multi-company salvage team worked 24 hours a day for six days to ensure all slack waters were dived to enable the vessel to be lifted as early as possible due to it leaking oil and diesel into the Medina.

MV KAHU Salvage

MV KAHU Salvage

Work undertaken

All companies involved agreed the best way to salvage the vessel was using lift bags. RS Divers spent the first 48 hours rigging the lift bags on the stricken vessel. Once this was complete a tidal window was waited for so that the vessel was raised on its bags by the tide and not propelled to the surface uncontrollably.

Once on surface, RS Divers aided by Baker Trayte Marine, went about gutting the vessel of as much molten GRP as possible to ensure that the crane barge ‘Apache’ could undertake the final lift.

After hours of clearing the debris the vessel finally weighed in light enough to recover onto a barge, where she was removed from the Medina.

The result

The testimonials from this contract speak for themselves and we were very pleased with the result and the response from our clients.

"This was a model multi-agency response to a complex pollution incident. There was very minimal impact on the local environment as a result of this incident." Andrew Healy, Counter Pollution and Salvage Officer, Maritime and Coastguard Agency.

"Thanks to the efforts of Cowes Harbour Commission, the salvage team and the other responders the impact on the environment was kept to an absolute minimum. The Solent Environment Group was able to provide advice on how sensitive the River Medina is to help plan the salvage of the vessel." Mike O'Neill, Chair of the Solent Environment Group.

"A Textbook Response, the professionalism shown was exemplary. It's reassuring to know that within the Cowes and Solent region the expertise exists to handle an incident of this magnitude. The professionalism shown by the salvage team was exemplary together with the efforts from my own team here at the Harbour Commission. All the players went the extra mile to achieve an excellent result." Capt. Stuart McIntosh

"A Textbook Response, the professionalism shown was exemplary."
Capt. Stuart McIntosh

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