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24hr emergency call out
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Emergency Call out

RS Divers respond to an emergency call out with a tight deadline to complete the work!

The brief

An emergency call out which was responded too and actioned within 12 hours. A job breif to refurbish and restore a swimming pool floor in time for an important business opening.

Getting started

Working hard

Work undertaken

The contract involved a 10 day job with 10 divers working around the clock to hit a tight deadline. The client had little time and was left feeling stressed after other dive teams had said the job was not possible. The opening of this pool hung in the balance and RS were determined to keep things on track for the big day and were willing to work hard to prepare for the grand opening.

Tile refurbishment was the main aim and there was not one but three pools in this scenario to work on, meaning over 15'000 tiles to refurbish and over 6KM of grout. The dive team were against the clock to clean and adjust already fitted tiles underwater and had a dive team in the water almost instantly. The main pressure here was for the deadline, not for us but for the client. The cost of opening late and letting people down was at the forefront of our minds and the cost for such a big development meant that we were clear on the importance of completing on time.

We have always prided ourselves on honest job speculation and consultation discussions and strongly believe that on a job like this, it is imperative.


The result

The work got done, the pool was ready for opening and the client had his smile back. A strong working relationship was formed and a happy client left satisfied. This contract demonstrates our business ethos beautifully. We aim to be innovative in our thinking and creative with our work to solve problems and meet crucial deadlines. We realise that some contracts require more than 100% and we are more than happy to offer that. A succesful contract all round.

'We were really happy with the service from RS Divers and impressed with the speed and professionalism of the work done. We would not hesitate to work with RS again in the future.'

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