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Drug & alcohol policy


1.1 Definitions

Employee - All staff, consultants, contractors and temporary workers of RS Divers.
Unauthorised Drugs- any drugs which has not been prescribed by a fully qualified medical practitioner.
Illicit Substances - Means substances such as solvents or glues used for other than their intended purposes.

1.2 General Statement of Policy

The illicit use of drugs or solvents, and the abuse of alcohol or any other substances may have adverse physical, physiological or behavioural effect on personnel. They can damage health, affect judgement, reduce reactions and can as a result create unsafe working conditions.
RS Divers is committed to maintaining a safe and healthy working environment for its employees and other persons affected by its activities.

1.3 Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to establish guidelines that ensure that ensure a safe, healthy, drug and alcohol free working environment.

1.4 Scope

The policies set out in this document will apply to all RS Divers employees (whether permanent or temporary) working on RS Diver jobs or working in the RS Diver Offices. They will also apply to contractors or sub-contractors working with the Company.


2.1 Drugs Policy

The possession, supply or use of unauthorised drugs is strictly prohibited. It is strictly forbidden for any employee, contractor or sub-contractor to report for work at the RS Divers Office or any other location, whilst under the influence of drugs or illicit substances.
It should be noted that the possession and/or use of illegal drugs is a criminal offence. RS Divers will always co-operate fully with relevant police and other authorities in the event that any person is found to be in possession of illegal drugs or other illicit substances.

2.2 Alcohol Policy

RS Divers has a zero-tolerance alcohol policy in which all forms of non-medical alcohol are banned from offices and job sites.
Company employees, contractors and sub-contractors will be required to be free from the influence of alcohol at all times whilst at work at any RS Diver job sites or offices.

2.3 Entertaining

It is recognised that it will occasionally be necessary to entertain customers and others in the RS Divers Offices. On such occasions the consumption of alcohol will be allowed providing:
The occasion is properly authorised by a senior director. The amount of alcohol consumed by guests is not excessive. The office location is returned to a "dry" status at the end of the event.

2.4 Drug and Alcohol Dependency

It must be recognised that drug and alcohol abuse is a treatable health disorder. RS Divers encourages and employees who feels that he/she may be suffering from such a disorder to seek medical help. Any such advice, request or treatment will remain confidential, and will be administered under the RS Divers Sickness Procedure.


This policy is to be implement through the procedure which have been established through RS Divers.

3.1 Breach of this Policy

On any occasion where drug or alcohol abuse is suspected, or whenever a person is suspected of being under the influence of drugs, alcohol or other substances such that present a danger to themselves or others, that person is to be immediately suspended from duty impending investigation.

3.2 Review of this Policy

The drugs, alcohol and substance abuse policy will be reviewed annually with the relevant employees. The date of this review will fall on March each year.

3.3 Dissemination of Policy

This policy will be made available to each employee upon commencement of work and additional copies will be made available on request.

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