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Equal opportunities policy


1.1 Definitions

Employee - All staff, consultants, contractor and temporary workers of RS Divers

1.2 General Statement of Policy

RS Divers is committed to equal opportunities for all staff and applicants. It is our policy that our employment decisions are based on merit and the legitimate needs of the organisation. RS Divers does not discriminate on the basis of race, colour or nationality, ethnic or national origin, sex, sexual orientation, marital or civil partner status, disability, religion or belief, age or any other ground on which it becomes unlawful to discriminate. (Referred to as Protected Characteristics)

1.3 Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to enable our staff to work in an environment which allows them to fulfil their potential without fear of discrimination or harassment. RS Divers commitment to equal opportunities extends to all aspects of the working relationship.


2.1 Responsibility

Achieving an equal opportunities workplace is a responsibility shared between RS Divers and all its employees. This policy and the rules contained in it apply to all employees of RS Divers irrespective of seniority, tenure and working hours. All employees have personal responsibility to ensure compliance with this policy. In addition employees who take part in management, recruitment, selection, promotion, training and other aspects of career development have a special responsibility of leading by example and ensuring compliance. All necessary steps must be taken to ensure that any complaints of victimisation, discrimination or harassment are dealt with appropriately and not suppressed or disregarded.

2.2 What is discrimination?

Discrimination occurs in different ways. Some more obvious than others. Discrimination on the grounds of any of the Protected Characteristics is prohibited by law.

  • Direct Discrimination - Direct discrimination is less favourable treatment due to one or more of the Protected Characteristics.
  • Indirect Discrimination - Indirect discrimination arises when an employer applies an apparently neutral provision, criterion or practice which infact puts individuals with a particular Protected Characteristic at a disadvantage.
  • Victimisation - Victimisation means treating a person less favourably because they have made a complaint of discrimination or have provided information in connection with a complaint.
  • Harassment - Harassment is unwanted conduct which is related to specific Protected Characteristic and which has the purpose or effect of violating a person's dignity or creating an intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive environment for them.

2.3 Disabled Persons

Any employee who may have a disability is encouraged to speak to the Office Manager, so that appropriate support can be provided, if needed. For these purposes, disability includes any physical or mental impairment which substantially affects your ability to perform day to day duties and has lasted (or is likely to last) more than 12 months. Disclosure of this information will be treated in confidence, if you wish it to be, so far as is reasonable practicable and we will do our best to handle matters sensitively. We will seek to accommodate your needs within reason.

2.4 Making Employment Decisions Fairly

As noted above, RS Divers will recruit employees and make other employment decisions such as promotion, training, dismissal and related issues on the basis of objective criteria.

2.5 Recruitment

RS Divers is legally required to verify that all employees have the right to work in the uK. prior to starting employment all employees must produce original documents to RS Divers satisfaction that this is the case.


This policy is to be implemented through the procedures established by RS Divers.

3.1 Breach of this Policy

Any breach of the Equal opportunities rules or failure to comply with this policy will be taken very seriously and is likely to result in disciplinary action against the offender, up to and including immediate dismissal.

3.2 Review of this Policy

The Equal Opportunities Policy is to be reviewed annually. The date of each review will fall in March each year.

3.3 Dissemination of Policy

This policy will be made available to each employee upon commencement of work and additional copies made available on request.

Download our Equal Opportunities Policy

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