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Underwater swimming pool maintenance

Keep your pool in perfect condition. No need to empty it out for repairs, maintenance or cleaning.

Swimming Pools

Our divers can carry out a wide range of inspection, maintenance, repair and cleaning jobs

Pool Cleaning

Our divers can use hand or power tools to leave your pool sparkling. We can also use water vacuum cleaners to remove silt

Leak Detection & Repair

Using safe biodegradeable dye, we can spot any leaks then re-grout or re-tile the affected area underwater. There’s no need to empty it out any more.

Tile Replacement

We can cut out damaged tiles then use underwater adhesives, grouts and epoxy resins to replace anything from the smallest mosaic to the largest ceramics

Case studies

RSDivers approach every project with professionalism and determination, but each job always presents its own unique set of challenges. Read a few of our case studies to find out how we solve complex problems safetly, efficiently and as cost effectively as possible.