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Annual leave policy


1.1 Definitions

Employee - All staff of RS Divers

1.2 General Statement of Policy

All employees are entitled to leave in accordance with the relevant awards or agreements and statutory provisions. Should there be conflict with the entitlement in this document the applicable workplace agreement. employment contract or employment law takes precedence.
In accordance with the Government legislation full tlme employees are entitled to 5.6 weeks or 28 days, (this number is the minimum) of annual leave each year. This leave is accrued for each 12 months of employment, subject to the terms and conditions outlined in this policy.

1.3 Purpose

This annual leave policy formally outlines an employee's leave entitlement and the related responsibilities of the employer.

1,4 Scope

This policy is relevant to employees of RS Divers who are entitled to annual leave according to the relevant agreements and legislations. 2. LEAVE


2.1 Entitlements

Leave entitlements are calculated from the date that the employee starts work and leave is accrued according to workplace agreements and legislations.

Annual leave is paid at least at the employee's base rate during leave, not including other entitlements including bonuses, allowances oveftime or penalty rates.

Employees that intend to take a period of annual leave must complete a leave request form at least two week in advance. The form must be completed and submitted for approval before the desired leave commencement date. All planned leave will be mutually agreed and will take into account the workloads and personal needs of all employee/s

All documents regarding annual leave will be retained in the employeet personal file.

2.2 Business Closing Period

During periods of business shut down employees are expected to take there accrued annual leave if the circumstances are reasonable. If employees do not have annual leave accrued then RSD may instruct employees to take leave on an unpaid basis.

2.3 Leave In Advance

In some circumstances RS Divers may instruct some employees to take their annual leave before the required amount has been accrued. In such clses employees must agree that, if their employment is terminated. RS Divers can deduct any advance that the employee might have, or the employee may have to accept unpaid leave.

2.4 Force Majeure

Employees who have a family crisis in accordance with Parental Leave AcE 1998 and 2006 give an employee a limited right to leave from work. It arises where, for urgent family reasons, the immediate presence of the employee is indispensable owing to an injury or illness of a close family member.

Force majeure leave does not give employees entitlement to leave following the death of a close family member.

A close family member is defined as one of the following:

  • A child or adopted child of the employee
  • The husband, wife or partner of the employee
  • Parent or grandparent of the employee
  • Brother or sister of the employee
  • Person to whom the employee has a duty of care (that is, he/she is acting in loco parentis) .A person in a relationship of domestic dependency with the employee, including a same-sex paftner (since 18 May 2006)
  • Persons of any other class (if any) as may be prescribed

The maximum amount of leave is 3 days in any 12-month period or 5 days in a 36-month period. you are entitled to be paid while you are on force majeure leave.

2.5 Compassionate Leave

Compassionate leave not covered by force majeure is given at RS Divers and relevant line manager,s discretion and will depend on employee's contract.

2.6 Jury Service

Employees called for Jury Service will generally be obliged to attend. Under the Juries Act 1976 while employees are absent from work they will be entitled to be paid and will not lose any other entitlements or rights.

2.7 Sick Leave

Six paid sick days are available to regular full-time employees with at least ninety days of employment within RSD. sick leave days accrue at a rate of four per month, and can be taken after the employee has exhausted a one day waiting period. Employees may carry over sick days to the next calendar year's maximum of one half of their current annual sick leave benefit. No employee will be paid for any accrued/unused sick leave if his/her employment is terminated. RS Divers reserves the right to require a letter from the employee,s doctor in order for the employee to be paid sick leave. A letter from the employee's doctor is required in all cases where the employee calls in sick over a three day period.

If you are off work sick For 4 or more days in a row you will qualify for Statutory Sick Pay which will be paid at a rate of 887.55 Per week. All govemment legislation regarding sick leave can be found at https://www.gov.uk/statutorysick-pay/overview


This policy is to be implemented through the procedures and arrangements established under RS Divers.

3.1 Breach of the Policy

Failure to comply with the principles of this policy or the support procedures and forms, could result in appropriate disciplinary action being taken against the employee'

3.2 Review of the Policy

This annual leave policy will be reviewed annually, in consultation with the relevant employees. The date of review will fall on April each year.

3.3 Dissemination of Policy

This policy will be made available to each employee upon commencement of work and additional copies made available on request.

Download our Annual Leave Policy

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