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Clear desk policy


1.1 Definitions

Employee - All staff, consultants, contractor and temporary workers of RS Divers

1.2 General Statement of Policy

The purpose for this policy is to establish a culture of security and trust for all employees at RS Divers. An effective clean desk effort involving the participation and support of all RS Divers employees can greatly protect paper documents that contain sensitive information about our clients, customers and vendors. All employees should familiarize themselves with the guidelines oF this poliry.

1.3 Purpose

The main reasons for a clear desk policy are: . A clear desk can produce a positive image when our customers visit the company. ' It reduces the threat of a security incident as confidential information will be locked away when unattended. . Sensltive documents left in the open can be stolen by a malicious entity.

1.4 Scope

This policy is relevant to all employees of RS Divers who work in the Camber Office.


All employees working for RS Divers are subject to this policy.

Employees, at known extended periods away from their desk, such as lunch brealt sensitive working papers are expected to be placed in drawers. At the end of the working day all employees are expected to tidy/clean their desk and to put away a office papers.


This policy is to be implemented through the procedures established by RSD.

3.1 Breach of the policy

Failure to comply with this policy could result in appropriate disciplinary action being taken against the employee.

3.2 Review of the Policy

This clear desk policy will be reviewed annually, in consultation with relevant employees. The date of each review will fall on January each year.

3.3 Dissemination of Policy

This policy will be made available to each employee upon commencement of work and additional copies made available on request.

Download our Clear Desk Policy

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