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Professional development and training policy


1.1 Definitions

Employees - All staff, consultants, contractor and temporary workeB of RS Divers

1.2 General Statement of Policy

RS Divers is committed to providing relevant professional training and development to all employees. The continuous implementation of education for employees will further enhance RS Divers peformance and reputation as an industry leader. An effective staff development process will provide the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve a high level of quality and continuous improvement. Employees are encouraged to participate in their own development through performance evaluation processes and to highlight any skills or knowledge they feel they need to acquire.

1.3 Purpose

The purpose for this policy is to provide a framework for continuous staff development at RS Divers which will enable employees to perform their duties safely and competently through enhancing or upgrading particular skills.


The professional Training and Development Policy will encompass the following elements in order to increase RS Divers efficiency, productivity and effectiveness:

  • In house training
  • Training Plan
  • Access to external training
  • Research opportunities
  • Leave to undertake external workplace opportunities
  • Attendance at conferences

2.1 Roles & Responsibilities

The responsibility for development and training lies with the employees and their line manager. The responslbility of RS Divers is to ensure the effective implementation, co-ordination & monitoring of this policy.

2.2 Senior Management

Senior Management at RS Divers are responsible for:

  • Ensuring that the Personal Development and Training Policy reflects the goals and directions of RS Divers.
  • Establishing and operating the overall education, training and staff development programme.
  • Preparing and administering an overall employee performance management programme.
  • Reviewing annual education, training and staff development plans,

The Office Manager will co-ordinate this training so that new employees are familiar wlth RS Divers policies, guidelines and procedures.

Professional/Technical Development

This may include:

  • Individual needs identified through the performance management process.
  • Development activities such as conferences, seminars, presentations and workshops which can be co-ordinated by the individual employee or through the Office Manager.
  • Access to leave for further study in related field or expertise.
  • Research opportunities

2.3 In-House Training

These programmes are co-ordinated by the Office Manager and may include coontent such as personal conflict resolution, company policies and procedures, information security, cultural diversity etc.

2.4 Health & Safety

All employees of RS Divers are required to attend Health & Safety Training. This training may be included as part of an induction.

2.5 Management/Administrative Training

These types of programmes relate to improved supervision, resource management and administrative skills. Generally these will be identified through the performance management process and may be co-ordinated by the Office Manager.


This policy is to be implemented through the procedures established by RS Divers.

3.1 Review of the Policy

This Professional Development and Training Policy is to be revaewed annually, in consultation with the relevant employees. The date of each review will fall in February each year.

3.2 Dissemination of Policy

This policy will be made available to each employee upon commencement of work and additional copies made available on request.

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