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02393 190 409 info@rsdivers.co.uk
24hr emergency call out
02393 190 409 | info@rsdivers.co.uk
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Other services frequently asked questions

RS Divers run a large pool of experienced divers available to help at a moments notice. Here are a few FAQ regarding who we are and how we can help.

We know it's always ideal to find answers to your questions as soon as possible. If our frequently asked questions don't provide you with what you're looking for then please get in touch.

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Are you 24 hours.

Yes. If it's an emergency and its out of hours call the office and follow the instructions on the phone message and you will get transferred to our on-call mobile.

Are you available at short notice?

RS Divers pride themselves on quick response. We run a 24 hour hotline and can mobilise within a few hours. We have gained a great reputation for being the first divers on the scene. 

Are you members of any associations or affiliations?

Yes we are recognized diving contractors of the HSE, and members of the Association of Diving Contractors, Construction Line & Achilles UVDB.

You can learn more on the company accreditations page.

How many divers form a team on site?

In December 2014 the HSE changed the regulations regarding commercial diving team sizes. We are now bound to provide the following:

  • Supervisor
  • Diver
  • Standby diver
  • Diver tender
  • Standby diver tender

Do you have a good safety record?

Yes. RS Divers pride themselves with an exemplary safety record. We work closely with the HSE and regularly practice various emergency procedures. All equipment is serviced and maintained in accordance with HSE guidelines.

Case studies

RSDivers approach every project with professionalism and determination, but each job always presents its own unique set of challenges. Read a few of our case studies to find out how we solve complex problems safetly, efficiently and as cost effectively as possible.